Juice bottle filling capping machine
As the largest juice bottle filling capping machine,3 In 1 Filling Machine manufacturer in china, Paixie sales quality juice bottle filling capping machine,3 In 1 Filling Machine to customers all over the world.
The rinser filler capper 3 in 1 machine is for fill light liquid. It can carry washing filling capping in one machine. It can be used alone or connected with other machines. It can connect with bottle unscrambler, or air conveyor, cap elevator ,labeling machine and so on. The rinsing, filling and capping process will be carried out using a continuous system in a fully enclosed safety interlocked chamber using our years of experience and the latest technology.

(1)The all machine applies bottle handling technical and the filling valves go up-down when filling, which make sure the bottle filling goes stable, reliable during high speed. The bottle handling technical also make the different bottle changing easily without changing too many accessories.
(2) This machine uses new generation stainless steel spring washing clips and the clips do not contact the upside of bottle screw avoiding the second pollution. It can both clear the inside and the outside of the bottle.
(3) The advanced normal pressure filling principle was applied. Filling is quick, and stable. Not contacting with the liquid avoids second pollution and oxidation.
(4) Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, and the power of screw capping can be adjusted steplessly. Capping is reliable and do no harm to the caps.
(5) Advanced technologies, such as human-machine interface touch-screen and PLC program control are adopted in this machine.
(6) All parts that have direct contact with the water are made of high quality stainless steel. The critical electrical components are from famous international companies, such as Mitsubishi, Omron to name a few.

Technical parameters
Filling material Water, juice ,tea, oil, wine, beer, carbonated water etc.
Filling nozzle 8/18/24/32 nozzles(can be customized)
Filling volume 100ml-5000ml(can be customized)
Polyester Bottle Standard bottle diameterΦ50-Φ9-150; height 150-1000
Filling speed 3000-15000bottles/hour (can be customized)
Filling precision ±1%(Liquid level)
Gas Source Pressure 2~3MPa
Power 220/380v 50/60Hz (can be customized)
Total power 3.84Kw
Single machine noise ≤50dB
Weight 5500Kg(according to machine)
Machine size L3500*W2500*H2650mm(according to machine)

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